Fleetboard Portal

Your single point of access for all services.

The new cloud-based portal will replace the Fleetboard Cockpit in the future. The new portal offers a modern design, intuitive operation and is your central access point for all services.

But it also provides several new functions:

  • More information: proactive notifications with alarm functions for quick response, recommendations for action instead of raw data
  • More performance: short release cycles, fast availability of new functions, automated updates in the background
  • More efficiency: Efficient working process with a few clicks, fast loading times
  • Integration of faster positioning interval
  • Enhancements of Time Management services with Card hotel possibility in selected markets
  • Integration of eTruck specific features in the portal
  • Integration of Mercedes-Benz Trucks Uptime Into the same surface
  • State of the art security & authentification (2 FA)

Fleetboard Portal

Fleetboard Charge Management

Ensure your trucks are charged and ready to go.

Fleetboard Mapping

Monitor continuously.
React flexibly.

Fleetboard Logbook

Understand the behaviour of your eTrucks in your business.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks Uptime

Intelligent networking. For even more intelligent vehicle use.

Performance Analysis

Optimising tours. Maximising gains.