Your simple and free¹ introduction to the digital service world of Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

TruckLive is your straightforward introduction to your digitally networked fleet. Now get access to extensive digital service components free of charge1 immediately after signing a contract and registering your new vehicle via My TruckPoint for Mercedes‑Benz Trucks or for the duration of a paid service or Fleetboard contract for your vehicle. Benefit from efficient maintenance management and dynamic route guidance, among other things, as well as all other planned services from TruckLive.

Discover TruckLive and immerse yourself in the digital service world of Mercedes‑Benz Trucks.

[1] After the 36-month complimentary period, you can purchase TruckLive as a fee-based service. As long as you are a customer of our Fleetboard paid services or Mercedes‑Benz Trucks service contracts, TruckLive will remain free of charge for you even after 36 months.