Questions Regarding Your Service

Fleetboard Portal

What is the new Fleetboard Portal and how does it differ from the current desktop solution?

The new Fleetboard Portal is a holistic solution replacing the previous Mercedes-Benz Trucks Uptime Portal and Fleetboard Cockpit systems. The portal offers an intuitive, web-based user interface for managing booked Mercedes-Benz Trucks Uptime or Fleetboard services.

Advantages for you:

  • No local installation required
  • Simultaneously work from anywhere using multiple terminal devices (e.g. smartphone and laptop)
  • Faster development cycles giving up-to-date introduction of new functions
  • Less downtime thanks to faster troubleshooting

Which functions does the new Fleetboard Portal offer?

The functionality and service availability of the new Fleetboard Portal are undergoing constant development. The current range of services has been listed here: service description

To whom is the new Fleetboard Portal available?

In principle, the new Fleetboard Portal is available to all existing Fleetboard and Mercedes-Benz Trucks Uptime customers. Whether you, as an existing customer, can yet benefit from the new Fleetboard Portal depends on the development status and the services you have booked. Contact your sales partner for more information.

Can I still use the old Mercedes-Benz Trucks Uptime Portal or the Fleetboard Portal?

The new Fleetboard Portal will fully replace the Fleetboard Cockpit and the Mercedes-Benz Trucks Uptime Portal in the future. Once you, as an existing customer, have been invited to the new portal, access to the old system will still be possible for a short time. After that, your user account will be deactivated.

What are the requirements for using the new Fleetboard Portal?

System requirements

For using the new Fleetboard Portal, we recommend the following browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge. You will need an email address to register.

Hardware requirements

Depending on the current development status, the use of the new Fleetboard Portal requires certain hardware versions in your vehicle. You can find out the supported hardware and the configuration in your vehicle from your sales partner.

How can I get access to the new Fleetboard Portal?

A Fleetboard master agreement or Mercedes-Benz Trucks Uptime agreement is required for using the new Fleetboard Portal. Access to the portal is only possible through a personalised invitation by an already existing user. This can provide access to selected fleets and relevant data.

How do I register in the new Fleetboard Portal once I have received an invitation?

Click the link in the invitation that you received by email. Then choose an individual password in the registration screen and log in.

Detailed instructions for the registration process has been listed here:

How does vehicle activation and deactivation work in the new Fleetboard Portal?

The procedure for vehicle activation and deactivation remains the same. You can register these as usual using the Support Centre on the Fleetboard website: Fleetboard: Online support centre

Charge Management

Does the “Charging Management” service work with my existing charging stations?    

Currently, we can support charging stations from (our partners) Siemens and Engie. We are adding more charging stations and providers to our list every day. We can support all charging stations with ISO15118 and OCPP 1.6 protocols.

Does the “Charging Management” service support the public charging network?    

We do not currently support the public charging network, but only the charging stations at depots. We will offer support for these if the public high-voltage charging network is further expanded.

Where can you find information about the state of charge and the remaining range?

The data on the battery state of charge and the remaining range come directly from the vehicle itself.

Does the charging station communicate directly with our backend or with a Siemens backend and then with us via an interface?

The charging station communicates directly with our backend via SIM card or via the customer’s internet connection

Does the load limit apply per vehicle or to the entire column?

For the entire charging station. This then distributes the power depending on the absorption capacity of the vehicles, which are, if necessary, plugged in at the same time via several connections

Who can help me with a problem with my charging station?

Our 1st level then forwards to the corresponding 2nd level of the manufacturer in the event of a hardware problem (with official partners only, i.e. Siemens and EV-BOX).

Are the charging stations initially only available in Germany?

No, in all eActros markets we work together with the charging station partner defined for the market (Siemens or Engie/EV-BOX).

Mercedes-Benz Trucks Uptime

Where can I find my Mercedes-Benz Trucks Uptime information?

Your Mercedes-Benz Trucks Uptime Portal has been integrated in the new Fleetboard Portal. 

Are Fleetboard services mandatory for the use of Mercedes-Benz Trucks Uptime?

No, they are not. Mercedes-Benz Trucks Uptime is a component of a vehicle-based service contract and is not part of a Fleetboard master agreement.

For which vehicles is Mercedes-Benz Trucks Uptime available?

The use of Mercedes-Benz Trucks Uptime is only possible in combination with a Mercedes-Benz truck.

The Mercedes-Benz Trucks Uptime service is currently available for the “Actros”, “Antos”, “Arocs”, “Atego”, “eActros”, “Econic” and “eEconic” model series if the technical requirements are met, subject to country-specific and vehicle-specific exceptions.

For detailed information on the availability of the service, please contact your Mercedes-Benz Trucks Service Partner.


What are the system requirements for Fleetboard Cockpit?
In order to be able to use the Fleetboard services in an optimal manner, Fleetboard recommends meeting the following system requirements:
System Requirements

How do I update Fleetboard Cockpit?
You can start an update under Help / Update in the Cockpit client.

Where can I download Fleetboard Cockpit?
For the latest version, use the following link:
Cockpit Releases

Time Recording

Does the Fleetboard Time Recording feature support double-manning?
The Fleetboard Time Recording feature also displays the co-driver data.

Driver Card and Mass Memory Download

Which card reader does Fleetboard recommend?
Fleetboard recommends the card reader OMNIKEY 3121 USB.

Who administrates the card reader?
The customer has to connect the card reader and install drivers, where required.

Who provides the card reader?
The card reader has to be provided by the customer.

How do I change the interval of my Mass Memory Download?
You can adjust the Mass Memory Download interval (30 days max. Interval) in Fleetboard Cockpit as needed.

How do I administrate the Driver Card Download?
You can administrate the Driver Card Download in Fleetboard Cockpit. For detailed instructions, please refer to the Fleetboard Cockpit manual.

How do I install the card update for (2nd generation)?
The Installation file and further information based on Download/Installation you will find at: Map Update


I have forgotten my user password. How do I proceed?
First, please contact your internal Fleetboard administrator.
If you don’t know who that is, please contact our Support under Online Support Center


Can I set up a Webservices connection?
Fleetboard provides a SOAP interface for the integration of Fleetboard telematics data in your own system.
For further information on this  please refer to
For any additional technical questions please contact support via Online Support Center.


Smart Tachograph

A Smart Tachograph is installed in the vehicle. What do I have to consider?

  • Since 15.06.2019, the new Smart Tachograph (DTCO 4.0 / 2nd generation tachograph) is mandatory for new vehicle registrations.
  • With the introduction of the new Smart Tachograph, new workshop cards, company cards and driver cards (2nd generation cards) will also be introduced
  • Smart tachographs can only be configured with 2nd generation workshop cards
  • Company cards and driver cards can still be used, 2nd generation cards are issued at expiration / replacement


  • For vehicles with Smart Tachograph there is no approval for the Fleetboard onboard unit TP4
  • Vehicles with Smart Tachograph must be equipped with a Fleetboard onboard unit TP5 / cTP
  • Customers need the latest version of the Fleetboard Cockpit (1.28 or higher)

Questions Regarding Hardware

Questions Regarding Activation/Deactivation


What factors influence how long an activation takes?
The duration of the activation process depends on multiple factors such as the installed hardware and its wireless reception. Please also make sure that the ignition is turned on at least once a day during the activation process.

How can I have my vehicle activated?
Activate your vehicle using our online support form
Online Support Center


How can I have my vehicle deactivated?
Deactivate your vehicle using our online support form
Online Support Center

Questions Regarding Billing/Contract


Where do I find my contract number and customer number?
The contract number is the 10-digit number on your contract that starts with “14”. Your customer number has 5 or 6 digits and can also be found on your contract.

Can I convert my contract from the Logistics Management to the Messaging service?
A contract conversion is possible. It requires changing the master agreement. Please contact your sales representative under Sales Contacts

How long will data be stored in the Fleetboard system?       
Depending on the type of data, different storage periods have been defined. These can be found in the Fleetboard data protection provisions.

Where do I find a summary of my booked services?
You can find your booked services in your contract confirmation.


Why was I billed for a connection and / or annual fee?        
The connection and / or annual fee is part of your contract with Fleetboard.   

Why am I billed for a vehicle that is no longer part of my fleet?
In this case, the vehicle appears not to have been deactivated. Using our online form, you can deactivate vehicles that you are no longer operating at any time. If you have already sold or returned the vehicle, we shall need proof in the form of e.g. a leasing partner contract or a sales contract.           

When are the invoices written?
Invoices are written at the beginning of each month. 

Partner Fleet

I would like to apply for a partner fleet. How do I proceed?

To do this, please select "Partner fleet link" and then "Order link" in the Online Support Center under "Administrative Help".
Please note that the form must be signed by the contact person responsible for the proprietor’s fleet.

Questions Regarding Fleetboard APPs

Which functionalities does the Fleetboard offer?
> Performance Analysis with driving style and degree of difficulty evaluation (based on vehicle or driver)
> Trip Records (position, tour progress)
> Transfer of text messages to the drivers
> Overview of driving time prognoses
> Driving and rest times

Where can I download the Fleetboard
Fleetboard apps can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Fleetboard Driver

Which functionalities does the Fleetboard Driver app offer?
It offers information from the Time Management, Performance Analysis, and Track and Trace services that is relevant to drivers.

How do I change the driver card number in the Fleetboard Driver app?
Log on to Fleetboard Driver with your e-mail address and your personal password.
Under the “Renew driver card” option on the “My profile” tab, you can now change the driver card number.

How do I register a driver in the Fleetboard Driver app?
1. From within the app, register using your name, e-mail address, language, and password, and agree to the General Terms and Conditions.
2. You will receive an e-mail that you need to confirm.

Where can I download the Fleetboard Driver app?
Fleetboard apps can be downloaded from Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or Mercedes-Benz Truck App Portal.


Which Fleetboard services do I need to book to see data under My Grade, My Times, and My Truck in the Fleetboard Driver app?
To view these, you must have booked the following services:
For My Times, you need to book the Time Recording service.
For My Grade, you need to book the Performance Analysis service.
For My Truck, you need to book the Track & Trace service.

How can I, as a driver, see information under My Grade, My Times, and My Truck?
1. After the registration and the initial login, the driver card verification is displayed.
2. Perform the next four steps.
3. Add the driver card and its issuing country to the app.
4. Add the odometer reading of the Fleetboard vehicle where the driver card has been inserted.
5. Drive your vehicle for appr. 15 minutes to transmit data.
6. Fleetboard now automatically checks whether the data that was entered into the app matches the Fleetboard data.
7. (Please note that the verification may take up to 24 hours.)
8. If the verification is successful, your dispatch agent automatically receives a data release notification in Cockpit.
9. As soon as the data has been released, you will see your data in the app.
10. If the verification fails, please check the data you have entered and repeat the driver card verification process.
11. If the verification still fails, please contact us directly through the app.

Other Questions/Contact


I am interested in Fleetboard products / services. Who do I need to contact?
For an overview over our sales contacts, please go to:
Sales Contacts

Where can I submit an application or find out the status of my application?
Applications must be submitted to This portal also allows you to request the current status of your application.

Where can I purchase Fleetboard merchandising?
Our promotional items are not for sale. If interested, please contact your sales representative.