Operate at full capacity. Comply with rules.

Legal regulations concerning driving and rest times follow a zero tolerance policy. Any violations lead to fines. At the same time, running your fleet at full capacity is crucial for your competitiveness. The Fleetboard Time Recording service provides detailed insights into the driving and rest times of your drivers. You can also view information on the start of shift, any rest time reductions and driving time extensions, the estimated remaining driving time, and much more. It provides the ideal data basis to plan tours efficiently while complying with all regulations.

Your benefits

Avoid fines more easily.

Avoid fines: View all past and current driver activities at a glance and easily ensure compliance with all legal regulations.

Plan trips efficiently.

Deploy your drivers even more efficiently and plan your orders based on already recorded and all remaining driving, work, and rest times.

An indispensable basis: Detailed information.

All time records in one view.

The Fleetboard Time Recording service shows start of shift, work, driving, and rest times as well as rest time reductions and driving time extensions – all in a user-friendly way in your cockpit. Any violations are automatically highlighted. Estimated remaining driving times are created.

CSV export: Direct hand-over of facts.

All Time Recording data can be downloaded as a CSV report and edited in common office or text processing tools as needed.


Truck Data Center

Use of the Fleetboard Time Recording service requires theTruck Data Center, the on-board computer. Integrated with the digital tachograph, the on-board computer provides access to all relevant driver data at any time.

Digital tachograph

In addition to the on-board computer, a digital tachograph with a D8 interface is needed.

These solutions complement Time Recording

Fleetboard Cockpit

Benefit from Fleetboard Cockpit, which allows you to analyse your data obtained from the Fleetboard services quickly and in detail and displays the results in a clear and concise manner.

Driver Card and Mass Memory Download

Saving time and resources: Automatically save all the important driver and mass memory data – regularly, DEKRA-certified, and in compliance with all laws – using the Fleetboard Driver Card and Mass Memory Download.

Fleetboard Mapping

Use the bird’s eye view: Your entire fleet on one map – Fleetboard Mapping displays the status and position of your vehicles.

Fleetboard Consulting

Stay in your familiar environment: Fleetboard allows you to import all Time Recording data into your own logistics software.