Fleetboard Logbook

Understand the behaviour of your eTrucks in your business

With the digital logbook, you never lose sight of the big picture. It provides you with an overview of the complete history of all trips of a vehicle and makes it possible to identify correlations more quickly. It helps to derive what is particularly important for an eTruck and clearly shows how each individual journey went. Here, the daily routine of a truck is divided into the three main states of driving, standing and charging. Clear information on the vehicle speed, total weight, altitude or temperature makes it possible to identify the capacity utilisation, problems and optimisation potential per vehicle on a daily basis. Detailed filter options enable fleet managers to arrange the data according to individual criteria and provide them with the right notifications.


understand behaviour of eTrucks and how they are used in your business and daily operations

maximise the utilisation of your eTrucks by seeing how your trucks were used over time

understand the factors that influence the performance of your eTrucks

Technical Requirements

Truck Data Center