Hardware upgrades required

Information for hardware replacement

On this page you will find all the important information to successfully carry out the hardware replacement of your current units TP3, TP4 and TP5 due to LifeCicly Management and the upcoming 2G and 3G network shutdown. Regarding 2G network shutdowns please also have your transit vehicles in mind (e.g. Swiss transit routes after 31.12.2022).

Shutdown 2G and 3G-network

Country overview of planned grid shutdowns

Which countries are affected: 2G3G_Network_Availability_Map.pdf.

Hardware replacement process

Four steps for a successful hardware replacement:

1. Order hardware and make an appointment in the workshop

Parts for Mercedes-Benz vehicles: Please check the standard catalogue (Xentry Parts Information)

Parts for third-party vehicles

2. Deactivate vehicle with old hardware

Deactivate the vehicle 2–3 days BEFORE the workshop appointment.

Activate/deactivate tile: Please select deactivate.

3. The vehicle is converted in the workshop

Instructions for Mercedes-Benz vehicles: Please check the standard catalogue (Xentry Parts Information)

Instructions for third-party vehicles (1)

Instructions for third-party vehicles (2)

Third-party vehicles Test instructions

You can find the phone number using the phone number generator, please enter the ICCID number in the link provided below.

4. Have the vehicle activated with new hardware

Arrange activation after successful conversion

Fleetboard: Online Support Center -> Activate/deactivate tile: Please select Activate.

When activating, please note the serial number of the affected unit in the Online Support Center. See image below on where to find the serial number

You will find the serial number / ICCID here:

Phone number search: