Manage fleets while you're on the move.

You are not always in the office. Nevertheless, you also want to be in control of your fleet while you are on the move. The Fleetboard provides you with the individual data from the Fleetboard Vehicle and Logistics Management as well as the Time Management and Mapping services directly on your smartphone. This lets you optimise your tours at any time and from anywhere and get in touch with your vehicles and drivers.

Your Benefit

Mobile management.

Keep an overview of your fleet any time and be able to react in a flexible manner while you are on the move. With the on your smartphone.

For agile fleet directors.

Tracking: Live in view.

The enables fleet directors to monitor tours live on their mobile phones.

Data capturing: Interpret the driving style.

Data captured on the basis of the Performance Analysis allow you to draw deductions on the driving styles of the drivers.

Communication: Always in contact.

The Messaging function permits the direct exchange between the dispatch agent and the driver.

Overview: Activities in view.

With the data retrieved in the Time Management module, the dispatch agents can keep the driving and rest times of their drivers in view.

Service partners: On a map.

The sites of the services partners can be shown on the Mapping map.



The is available for iOS and Android.

iOS version: iOS version 4.3.2 or higher is required for the use of the app. The Mapping function is ensured for IOS version 6 and higher.

Android version: Android version 4.1 or higher is required for the use of the app.

Fleetboard services

Only after booking the Fleetboard services Performance Analysis, Messaging, Time Recording, and Mapping can the corresponding data be retrieved via the app.

These solutions complement

Fleetboard Performance Analysis

Promote a wear-optimised and preventative driving style with the Fleetboard Performance Analysis and benefit from up to 15 per cent fuel savings and a reduced CO2 emission.

Fleetboard Time Recording

New perspectives for better planning: Use the data of the driving and rest times and deploy your drivers efficiently.

Fleetboard Messaging

Fleetboard Messaging allows you to send messages and geocoded addresses to your drivers – granting you the best entry to professional Logistics Management.

Fleetboard Mapping

Use the bird’s eye view: Your entire fleet on one map – Fleetboard Mapping displays the status and position of your vehicles.