Download the most recent software update for the new and benefit from the latest map material, updated features, and performance improvements:

  • New digital street maps in version 2018.06.
  • Support of Transcend Industrial Grade microSD cards on DPG2 with orange Fleetboard logo.
    Note: The Transcend card is supported only from this version on. Devices having a navigation version lower than 17.324 have to be updating only by using a SD card of the brand Sandisk. Please check upfront the A-part number on the back of the device and the version of the navigation from menu "Information".
  • Correct presentation of the video signal at the video-in interface.
  • Presentation of a dialogue on the when reading out the driver card (card-in / card-out event) "Manual driver identification".
  • Manual driver identification - DriverID processed properly after removal of DTCO card and ignition off.
  • Alternative driver identification - DriverID history values are now processed in a correct way.
  • Alternative driver identification - Operation of the device is now disabled between Log-in and Dispatch dialogues.
  • Alternative driver identification – Log-in / Log-off events are now sent properly.
  • Optimisation and improvements in the navigation software.
  • Optimisations and improvements in the security of the device.

Installation instructions

Download the Installation instructions and make sure that the download prerequisites have been fulfilled (refer to page 2 under Installation instructions).

Software and Map Update

Download the most recent software update for the new

Installation instructions