Download of the Cockpit Updates

Version 1.28.0 (12.06.2019)

Download the latest version of the Fleetboard Cockpit.

Version 1.27.0 (19.11.2018)

Download the previous version of the Fleetboard Cockpit.


Version 1.28.0 (12.06.2019)

Chat History

The message history in Messaging can now be viewed up to 3 months retrospectively.


Service: Fleetboard Logistics Management

Further Information

Version 1.28.0 (12.06.2019)

Tachograph Management and Time Recording

  • The Driver Card and Mass Memory Download services have been optimised and support the new tachograph generation (DTCO 4.0).
  • As a prerequisite for a fault-free utilisation, the driver must consent to the data transfer when inserting the driver card for the first time.

New Fleetboard Solutions

Fleetboard Trailer (ID & Data)

Fleetboard Trailer Management interconnects all truck and trailer data and offers you full transparency over your complete fleet.

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