Download of the Cockpit Updates

Version 1.27.0 (19.11.2018)

Download the latest version of the Fleetboard Cockpit.

Version 1.26.0 (28.08.2018)

Download the previous version of the Fleetboard Cockpit.


Version 1.27.0 (19.11.2018)

Improved search functions in Cockpit

New explanations facilitate the search function and help to make the search results better to reproduce.


Service: Fleetboard Logistics Management

Optimised photograph function

By means of the, photographs can now be uploaded and queried in Fleetboard Cockpit.


Service: Fleetboard Logistics Management

Further Information

Version 1.27.0 (19.11.2018)

Fleetboard Services

  • With the migration to TLS-1.2, our data transfer processes have become even more secure.

Mercedes-Benz Uptime

  • Tables in the Customer Portal can now be used in an even simpler mode (e.g. show and hide columns, shift columns).
  • The history of previous Uptime cases can now be queried.
  • A new timestamp marks the receipt of new Uptime information.
  • Instead of the power steering oil level, AdBlue data is displayed now.
  • Next to the login, a new button leads to the tutorial of
    Mercedes-Benz Uptime.
  • The service partner view in the Customer Portal was optimised by means of diverse functions (e.g. new column
    "Vehicle group").
  • If a fleet rents vehicles, the current rental status will now be transparent.
  • If not all of the vehicle registration numbers have been stored in a fleet, a notification window will be displayed.
  • The availability of a contact partner can be stored individually (e.g. weekday, time, and communication path).

New Fleetboard Solutions

Fleetboard Trailer (ID & Data)

Fleetboard Trailer Management interconnects all truck and trailer data and offers you full transparency over your complete fleet.

Mercedes-Benz Truck App Portal

Increase the performance of you truck fleet even more – with innovative apps from the Mercedes-Benz Truck App Portal.