Now available for download

The previous Fleetboard is being replaced by the new Fleetboard Driver. The app is available free of charge for download in the Google Play Store and also in the Apple App Store effective from now.

The Fleetboard Driver offers drivers direct access to the data of the Fleetboard services Time Recording and Performance Analysis and displays the current driving and rest times as well as the remaining driving time in a transparent manner. At the same time, the driver can read out further relevant data related to his vehicle. For an economically efficient driving style, it is possible to view the driving style grades of the past seven tours and to optimise them.    

What is new?
Fleetboard Driver is an app which has been developed completely anew from scratch. This is already evident when taking a look at the newly designed user interface, which permits a faster and more intuitive operation of the app. To help the driver optimise his driving style grade, the app as of now also gives valuable hints for improvement corresponding to the driving style. 

In addition to the smartphone version for Android and iOS, a tablet version is now also available. The Fleetboard Driver is continuously being further developed to get the best out of every driver.


Fleetboard Driver

Information on economical driving style, driving and rest times and much more – sent directly to your smartphone or tablet by the Fleetboard Driver.

Fleetboard Performance Analysis & Reports

Save up to 15 per cent of fuel – with the Fleetboard Performance Analysis & Reports.