The winners have been determined

Inspired by the Football World Cup, the Drivers' League will start this year for the first time in the form of a tournament in addition to the rules competition. 19 countries have participated, and 16 of them have qualified for the final rounds. The teams were set up, as follows: The eleven best drivers of a country formed the corresponding national team across fleets. The round of 16 and of 8, the quarter finals, semi-finals and lately the finals were "driven" in the knock-out mode.

With excellent driving style grades, Germany and China made it into the finals and faced each other from July 16 to 23. It was there that the Chinese could finally win the title and bring it home. Both teams, however, deserve great appreciation for their driving styles: Germany and China could distinguish themselves with excellent driving style grades, which were on average higher than 9.93. 

The Drivers' League will continue for the drivers and fleets until July 31, inclusively. During the last days of July, it will be determined which fleet is the best per country and which driver can call himself the winner of the Drivers' League and, thus, the "Most Valuable Driver" (MVD) after prevailing in the individual driver assessment. 


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